Finding Female Ancestors

Finding Female Ancestors

Finding female ancestors hiding in the family tree can seem a daunting task at times! 

Why is that? There are a few reasons for that:

  • Our female ancestors did not generate many early records of their own.
  • Women changed their names upon marriage. Add in multiple marriages and a woman could been known by several names.
  • Women are often hidden in the records of the men in their lives.

Now imagine knowing where to search for those hidden females. 

Imagine knowing the common and uncommon records to research.

Imagine the feeling of knowing you’ve done a complete search for your female ancestor.

That’s totally possible for you!


Here's everything we will cover inside of Finding Female Ancestors E-Course:

     ⭐Video Instruction - Six (6) masterclasses teaching the strategies for female ancestor research

     ⭐Handouts - Helpful handouts to go along with each of the six modules

     ⭐Worksheets - Helpful worksheets to go along with each module

     ⭐Resource List - A curated list from past students of helpful resources. This list continues to be updated as new resources are discovered.

     ⭐BONUS Video  - A bonus video on how to set up your genealogy research plan using Trello.

     ⭐BONUS Video - A bonus video on how to use ArchiveGrid in your research.

In this 6 module e-course I will show you how to perform a complete search for those elusive female ancestors so that you can confidently fill out your family tree, complete that lineage society application or more compeletely tell your ancestor’s story!

This e-course can save you hours of research time and frustration and sharpen your genealogy research skills!

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